I heart Dropbox

Just got an e-mail from Dropbox introducing a new feature “Dropbox Links.”  This is big.  Dropbox has always allowed for sharing of materials with other Dropbox users, but now through Dropbox Links, you can share stuff with folks who don’t even have Dropbox accounts.

The possible ramifications for distance learning are staggering. Gonna have to play around with this a little bit more.  But off the top of my head, I can see several scenarios…

  • Instructors can update files in class which students will be able to access immediately. (Notes, homework assignments, etc.)
  • Instructors can share a single file via Dropbox Links, and edit that file throughout the semester. I’m thinking course calendars here.  
  • Students can share materials with one another, simplifying peer-review projects.
  • Instead of uploading individual materials to an LMS, files can be stored in Dropbox and the link published in the LMS.

and the list goes on.

I’ve got a feeling this isn’t the last time I’m going to be writing about Dropbox Links.