Ooh! That’s Nice! (Or, My Other Favorite Obsession)

This is going to be a relatively short post because there’s not a whole lot to say about it that isn’t readily apparent.

When I’m not living in the digital world of instructional technology or trying to figure out ways to make Blackboard play nice with various instructional materials, I spend a good amount of time obsessing over music.  While my primary area of focus is pre-depression era blues and folk recordings, I have a deep appreciation for jazz as well.

The David Niven collection of jazz recordings at archive.org, is a phenomenal collection of recordings that were painstakingly selected and lovingly assembled by record collector and jazz aficionado David Niven.  The collection consists of about 1,000 hours of material that was recorded and released between 1921 and 1991 and is well worth exploring.

If you’re a jazz neophyte or a die-hard fan, there’s definitely plenty of great stuff in this collection to explore.  Me, I’m gonna start with the Bud Powell…. or maybe Chet Baker… or perhaps the Bessie Smith… or the…..

Yeah. I’m going to be digging this stuff for a while!!


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