On Embedding Prezi into Blackboard (or For Want of a Hammer)

This one is gonna be quick and dirty, but it’s well worth mentioning.

Prezi presentations (a glorious web-based alternative to PowerPoint) are pretty awesome when used to present in front of  a live audience.  But because you can’t embed audio narration, they are rarely used in our online courses.  But just because something isn’t done often doesn’t mean it should never be done.  

But, Blackboard, by default will not allow you to embed a Prezi into the system.  If you grab the embed code from Prezi and add it to a Blackboard object, you get a big old blank space where the object ought to be.  

Here’s how to fix that…

  1. Grab the embed code from Prezi.
  2. Add an ‘s’ after the http:// of the embed code you grabbed.  We’re just changing the protocol from standard http:// to secure https://, that’s all.
  3. Create a blank page in Blackboard and past the embed code into the HTML of that page.
  4. Marvel at your accomplishment

That’s it!!



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