Video Tutorial: Adding Narration to PowerPoint Presentations

This is one questions I hear most frequently, so I figured I should address it on my blog so there will be a permanent home for the instructions.   Before you decide to record narrations for all of your PowerPoint presentations and call it an online course, please understand that the creation of materials for an online course involves much more than simply recording narration on a PowerPoint.   So before you watch the video, check out these two dire warnings…

CAVEAT #1:  In many cases, the PowerPoint presentation is not the best vehicle for delivering online course material because it typically lacks any opportunity for student engagement and interaction.  However, a PowerPoint presentation with audio narration does have its value, and a presentation with narration is far better than a presentation without narration.  

CAVEAT #2:  If you are using PowerPoint presentations with narration, you must also, at minimum, make a transcript of the narration available for students who are hearing impaired.

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