Innovations 2013 – Day 1 – Session 2: Building Connections through Social Collaboration

Penny Kuckkhan, Instructional Designer from Nicolet College in Wisconsin delivered an imformative, engaging session on the ongoing process of building connections through social collaboration.

Opening Question: What comes to mind when you hear social collaboration?

Answers varied, but the ideas revolved around the same core concepts. Basically, the web has increased our ability to engage and interact with students and colleagues. But all individuals are at different levels both technically, and on the level of what they’re comfortable with or willing to share online.

Developing Social Collaboration: here’s the part I really liked. Penny broke it down into a 5 stage cyclical process that requires constant attention…
Developing Social Presence
Engaging audience
Sharing Materials created by yourself or others
Creating new, original materials
Continue to Develop Social Presence
A wide variety of tools can be used to accomplish this, and no one tool fits into any single area. Twitter, for example, can be used to develop presence, engage users, and share. YouTube can be used to develop presence, engage audience, share materials, and create new materials.

One critical point to consider.. Before you ask students to create accounts and use tools, you need to establish accounts, explore, and get to know the ins and outs of the tool.

Nicolet has a Technology Tutoring Lab on campus to assist students with technologies used in and for classes. Instructors work with Technology Tutoring Lab so that students get support for their specific needs. Faculty inform Tech Tutors at they will be utilizing a specific tool, and tutors do the research and testing so they can adequately support students using the tools.

All courses have shells in LMS and instructors are required to upload syllabi, use gradebook, and post materials.

Links to resources will be posted later.

Other notes….

What liability does the school have?

For students who don’t/can’t use social media tools, an equivalent assessment must be available.

Universal Records Database (


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