How to convert GoToMeeting, GoToWebinar, GoToWhatever files into a usable format.

This post is really for my own purposes, so that I know exactly where these instructions can be found, but they’re incredibly helpful if you ever find yourself in the position of needing to convert a recording of a GoToMeeting session into a format that you can actually use.

Long story short, GoToWhatever uses a proprietary codec to create the .WMV versions of recordings.  So, even though it’s in a .WMV format, it’s not actually a real true-to-life .WMV file and in order to re-encode the video into a .MP4 format (which is what I need), it is necessary to strip out the GoToWhatever codec first…

GlennDCitrix has created a wonderful step-by-step tutorial on exactly how to do this, so I’m just posting the link on my own blog so if I forget where I put it, I can always find it.


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