Life in the Cloud: Day Eleven (or Wait… what happened to nine and ten?)

The start of a semester is always a busy time for folks in my profession.  Just as faculty members have to prepare lesson plans and make last minute adjustments to their classes, we Internet Instructional Technology people have a ton of stuff we have to get done at the start of each semester.  We’ve got courses to upload and edit for faculty members to assist and students to support and orientations to run and phones and e-mails to answer and all sorts of minor crises to manage. So it’s pretty hopping around these parts as the semester starts.  And this is only the start of a short 10-week semester that begins 5 weeks into the full 15-week semester.   For the big ones, the full 15-week semesters, the workload is quadrupled (at least).  But I love it, and I’d be a liar if i said otherwise.

So with that being said, I’ve not had too much time to devote to “the experiment” or to the exploration of new techniques and technologies to live fully on the cloud.

So yeah, I’ve been swimming in the lava.  I’ve been using my e-mail client.  I’ve been using my Word and Excel and have been doing a lot of things on the lavafloor that I could have been doing in the cloud.  But, it’s all about productivity.  When the web-based tools don’t allow me to be as productive as their traditional desktop counterparts, then I have no choice but to abandon the web-based tools for the duration of the crisis, then return to the cloud when things are settled down.  Maybe tomorrow the experiment can resume in earnest, but just for today (and the past two days), I’m swimming in a sea of lava tossing life rafts to those on the shore.  Yeah, my metaphor got all mixed up somewhere in there…

Oh, and on a final, unrelated note, today is one of the saddest days of the year for me.  The MLB regular season ends.  Even though my favorite team is in the playoffs (and even won their division), I love the 162 game regular season.  I like to watch the losing teams who’ve been eliminated from playoff contention bring up young talent from the minor leagues to battle it out against proven MLB veterans.   There’s just something about new hope for a bright tomorrow springing forth from the wreckage of today’s failures that excites me…




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