Life in the Cloud: Day Five (or Mmmmmm… Cupcakes)

Over the weekend, my wife made some truly amazing cupcakes. She doesn’t bake very often, but when she does, it’s an event and the results are a wonder to behold. This time around, she made cupcakes for someone’s birthday using a recipe she found on Pinterest. Now, my wife is not a techie type person. As a matter of fact, she just started using a smartphone about a week ago (she upgraded to the Galaxy S3 from a non-smartphone), and she’s still adjusting to the shift. But the fact that she was able to access Pinterest (her new stuff sharing service of choice, after being addicted to StumbleUpon for years), and locate the recipe without even knowing what she was looking for has really got me to thinking of how the web and social media in particular have redefined the way we learn.

So what does that have to do with the topic? Nothing much, but a lot when you consider how dramatically our lives have been altered by the Internet. Folks who aren’t techies now spend a considerable amount of time online doing things that were unimaginable not that long ago. My job as an instructional technology guy is to make it so that folks use technology without realizing what’s going on behind the scenes, hence the experiment about which I am blogging….

Today, the experiment yielded more of the same positive results as I created a series of documents in OnCloud for use in a project, stored the documents in a series of Dropbox folders and used the iPad to access the docs and take notes during meetings. More of the same stuff I was doing on Friday, but with the same results.

I’m a week in to this project and am realizing that things are starting to get easy. Either I’m getting the hang of doing this, or I’m not challenging myself enough. I’m still steering clear of the lavafloor, but what else can I do while I’m up here???

Stay tuned.



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