Live from ITC – elearning 2012 – day 2 : Awakening the Digital Imagination – Gardner Campbell

How do you take a transformative experience and write a blog about it in 10 minutes or less? Having hardly had a moment to catch my breath, I try to record my Impressions before they become cloudy.

Campbell ( started with a display of “archaic” technology by showing us a record (of the vinyl variety) and explained that this technology and the computer were basically the same age, give or take a decade and that with the advent of the Internet, we have a new tool which has transformed the way we think, learn, and live.

“we are living in the middle of the largest increase in expressive capability in the history of the human race.” – Clay Shirky

But with this increase in expressive capability, we’re still dispensing learning from a pillbox, in single serving doses, and with students taking a full load, the learning is segmented and not holistic. Curricula is designed as a feeding trough. It’s designed as a Skinner box. It’s designed as an assembly line. And the LMS is the feed trough, the digital skinner box…

Referring to the text “What you Really Need to Know About the Internet: from Gutenberg to Zuckerberg” by John Naughton, Campbell placed particular emphasis on #5 Complexity is the new Reality. Complex systems are hard to manage, but it’s not about management anymore. Learning is the pursuit of knowledge and wisdom, and while a certain degree of organization is required, the point is not to monitor and control everything.

The Internet provides us with the first “many-to-many” communication system and it’s complexity more closely resembles the synapses of the brain than any other communication web.

To be continued…..


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