ITC live blogging – day 2: Teaching Online- A Transformative Course

Presented by Sinclair Community College – Alice Renner

This session featured a discussion of Sinclair’s program for training ft and pt faculty in the facilitation of a pre-made online course. The course, which is housed in ANGEL, was deemed necessary due to increases in the number of students enrolling in online courses, growth in number of course offerings, and an increase in the number of sections being offered. More sections means a need for more online instructors. This course does not certify the instructor to create a new course, and all new courses must be QM certified before going live.

Strategies for course:

  • Gives faculty members the full “online learner experience” so that they may better understand the issues encountered by students.
  • Places focus on pedagogy.
  • Based on current research and includes an emphasis on reflective activities, giving faculty an opportunity to consider how they teach as opposed to what they teach.

The 5 week course is offered quarterly and is facilitated by experienced online faculty. The 5 modules focus on:

  • Getting started online
  • Engaging students online
  • Facilitating discussions
  • Working in groups
  • Assessing student learning

Incentives for faculty to participate.

  • Faculty paid $500 once they’ve completed course and teach online
  • Faculty paid $1000 to teach
  • Online course facilitator certificate
  • Helps adjuncts increase level in ranking

Inside the course:

  • Every week, there is a hidden checklist so instructor knows what to cover and what is expected of them.
  • Syllabus
  • Due date breakdown
  • Survey to start course
  • First day folder
  • Instructor intro
  • Expectations – yours and mine
  • How to pass this course
  • Anonymous End of unit evaluation
  • Participants given ANGEL shell with editor access
  • Includes videos featuring successful online faculty offering tips and personal experience on the online teaching experience. << very cool!
  • 2 truths and one falsehood in introduction forum as icebreaker. Students asked to post 2 truths and 1 falsehood about themselves and other students are to reply and try to figure out what the falsehood may be.

Lightbox: creates embeddable image viewer to add into course.

Emphasis on learner-centric design.
“Teaching teaching and understanding understanding” – YouTube video series

“for the curious” links to supplemental material which enhances material but isn’t required.

Emphasizes the value of using audio feedback for students.


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